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Architect, Designer, Planner, Painter and Midwesterner.

"I will always be an inlander in spirit" -                          Charles Burchfield 

Give me a cornfield any day. I was born and raised in northern Ohio and continue to call Ohio my home. The constantly changing weather and environment of the midwest allows me to see things in a different light practically every day!


Pouring, spilling, hammering, torching, and spinning are just some of the methods I use in the creation of my artworks. I take the paint from the tube and mix it with additives, changing the chemical composition of the paint. The use of gravity and how the paint flows across a surface help define each piece of my art. Allowing the paint to move and combine as it wishes creates a never-ending surprise of results. Each piece is an exploration of color, shape and form. All of my work is approached as both an artwork and a science experiment. The paintings are built up of many layers of paint, each creating it's own flowing abstract surface left open to interpretation by the viewer.

I received a Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning at the University of Cincinnati (DAAP) in 1984. 







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